A few ways to boost business by investing in mobile technology

BIRMINGHAM — In a previous Water Technology article, we wrote about how water dealers need to take advantage of mobile technology trends to help target more customers and prospects.

mobile feature
mobile feature

BIRMINGHAM — In the article, “Upgrade your professionalism with mobile devices,” featured in a previous issue of Water Technology, we discuss how water dealers should take advantage of customer and business mobile technology trends.

As handheld devices, such as smartphones and tables, continue to dominate technology investments, water dealers need to take advantage of these trends to help target more customers and prospects.

Mobile technology is constantly evolving and improving to ensure a smarter, more personal, and easy-to use experience for consumers, causing users to start turning more towards this innovative technology, using apps, forums and user-friendly mobile websites to satisfy their questions, purchases and other needs. Making smart mobile investments such as user friendly apps and services, can help boost profitability.

During in-home and/or in-office sales pitches, water dealers must practice caution when using mobile devices/apps as a “flashy” presentation to try to obtain sales as this technique may cause prospects and customers to sway away from buying a product and/or service. Instead water professionals must use these apps and devices in a professional way that helps better educate the consumers on their products and services, and assists in simplifying the overall sales process for the customers/prospects.

Mobile technology and software, in addition to educating customers and prospects during sales presentations, can also solve everyday business challenges. In this article, one expert offers three ways mobile technology, apps and software can advance business:

  • Better accountability: Apps available to track techs in the field and provide real-time updates.
  • Ease of communication: Text messages, emails and other messaging apps make communication easy and efficient today.
  • Document sharing: A standard place to collect important information, such as marketing materials, contracts, etc.

You can find the entire feature on boosting business with mobile technology here.

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