Contaminant Awareness

June 1, 2015

Educate clients on the potential effects of impurities.

I am so excited and grateful to be joining the exceptional Water Technology team. I’m also happy to learn about and share such vital technology and success stories with our readers. The whole team looks forward to continuing the excellent editorial coverage that you have come to expect from this magazine each month.

Our June issue focuses on water contaminants and how they can adversely affect certain people. Marianne R. Metzger discusses how specific populations may be affected by drinking water impurities. Pregnant women, infants and the elderly must take certain measures to ensure that they are safeguarded from these impurities, which include trihalomethanes (THMs) for expecting mothers, nitrate for infants and microbiological contamination for the elderly. These contaminants can cause problems that include illness and, in worse cases, death. Industry professionals can help these populations by asking clients about their health and medications, and educating them about the potential health risks and sensitivities that may affect them.

Another contaminant commonly found in drinking water is copper. The topic is discussed by Technical Editor Dr. Joseph Cotruvo in this issue's Contaminant of the Month. While copper is a nutrient needed in our diets, too much copper may cause problems. Cotruvo covers the mineral’s importance and how it is detected and treated.

I would like to thank Rich DiPaolo and Maria Woodie for showing me the ropes and welcoming me to the team. I look forward to working with the Water Technology staff and you, our readers, to cover the topics important for your businesses and clients. If you would like to see a topic covered or have questions concering the magazine and/or our website,, please email [email protected].

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