Hong Kong investors pave way for Dais Analytic involvement in China

April 1, 2015
SAGE Technology Investment and JHSE Technology Investment have announced the equity investment in Dais Analytic Corporation, the creation of Dais New Energy Technology, and a $60-million contract commitment to support the growth of Dais' products in Greater China.

BEIJING, CHINA, April 1, 2015 -- Hong Kong investment and financing firms SAGE Technology Investment and JHSE Technology Investment have announced the equity investment in Dais Analytic Corporation (OTC.BB: DLYT), a U.S.-based commercial nanotechnology materials and process company; the creation of Dais New Energy Technology Co.; and a $60-million contract commitment to support the growth of Dais' products in Greater China.

China is facing large challenges in the air, water and energy storage arenas that require new and innovative solutions. As a result of these unprecedented market needs, China has established itself as a world leader in implementing new technologies to address challenges regarding sustainability.

The Chinese market, under the leadership of its new government, provides support for emerging technologies needed to meet these needs. Dais' nanomaterial and engineering processes offer proven disruptive products possessing higher end-user value proposition in key areas such as energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, or hazardous effluent discharges.

SAGE and its partners studied products from various global companies in order to address solutions to China's challenges before deciding upon Dais' powerhouse technology platform. These products, coupled with an expert team, represents the capability of becoming a strong channel player in China, in South East Asia and worldwide.

"The $60-million 'take-or-pay' agreement -- part of the investment -- is just one of many opportunities SAGE and JHSE will work on with Dais," said Richard Zhang, Dais COO. "While ConsERV energy-recovery ventilator sales continue to grow, the first water product is being incorporated into a state-of-the-art contaminated-water-separation pilot facility, under construction in the Beijing area and targeted to be online this coming summer.

"We are experiencing strong interest from key China's environmental water cleanup industry firms for this exciting new product," he added. "The continued development of Dais disruptive air-conditioning system, strongly supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, has generated high levels of interest from developers and HVAC OEMs. The ability to store energy is exciting to the entire renewables industry and even at an early development stage is already being incorporated into forward-thinking engineers of second-generation solar and wind projects."

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About Hong Kong SAGE Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

SAGE focuses on financial capital, environmental protection and the new energy sector. The company aims to invest green-tech companies by equity investment and fund management and to offer strong financial support for companies and R&D institutions in environmental-protection and energy-saving industry.

About Hong Kong JHSE Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

Founded in Hong Kong, JHSE is an investment and financing firm with main areas of clean technology and energy conservation. JHSE has a strong investment team, covers securities investment, PE investment and other areas. With excellent performance, JHSE maintained a stable growth of revenue and management.


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