In pictures: 5 stunning shots of reed bed treatment in Nimr, Oman

Jan. 24, 2018
Five awe-inspiring aerial pictures of the world's largest constructed wetland in Nimr, Oman...

One challenge in the water and wastewater industry is the lack of high quality images, showing off flagship projects, installations and infrastructure to their best potential.

After all, the very nature of the business, with assets either underground or treatment technology inside facilities with dark conditions does not lend itself well to photos worthy of hanging on the bedroom wall.

However, we've just received a selection of stunning aerial photos from BAUER Resources GmbH of the world's largest constructed wetland project in Nimr, Oman. These images are so awe-inspiring we thought we had to share with everyone below:

1) Gravity-flow and natural processes are used to reduce heavy hydrocarbons from the industrial produced water to below 0.5 parts per million

2) As we reported in November, the site is being expanded to have a capacity of 175,000 m3/day by Bauer Nimr for oil and gas company Petroleum Development Oman

3) Around 95 percent of crude oil entering the facility is estimated to be recovered by the process, without the need for additional chemicals

4) The biosaline agriculture plot by BAUER Nimr LLC

5) The Nimr water treatment plant in Oman is considered one of Bauer's most significant projects


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