Applied Specialties announces opening of third U.S. production facility

July 29, 2015
Applied Specialties announced that it has initiated production of its patented high-performance lime slurry UltraLime at its newest U.S. facility in El Dorado, Ark.
AVON LAKE, OHIO, July 29, 2015 -- Applied Specialties (AS), a provider of customer specific water treatment solutions for industrial, utility and municipal systems, announced that it has initiated production of its patented high-performance lime slurry UltraLime™ at its newest U.S. facility in El Dorado, Ark. Municipalities, utilities and refineries in the south will benefit from this new water treatment chemical facility.

Additional production is needed because UltraLime has been replacing conventional lime slurries with reductions up to 50 percent of the original lime slurry use volume. The technology is NSF certified and may be used in drinking water applications. "UltraLime is permitting the expanded use of lime as a cost-effective replacement for the more expensive and hazardous caustic soda," said AS President Terry Scheurman.

UltraLime is a trade name for AS's high-solids, low-viscosity lime slurry that utilizes the company's patented technology. This high-solids slurry eliminates common handling and fouling issues associated with common lime slurries. It also reduces the use of lime and associated sludge volumes in lime-soda softening applications.

The Arkansas facility is an ideal complement to AS facilities in Reserve, La., and Avon Lake, Ohio. It is the first product to be produced at the new 24-acre water treatment chemical manufacturing complex. The company has significant expansion plans for additional UltraLime plants.

About Applied Specialties

Applied Specialties is a leading water treatment chemical provider serving the needs of power, industrial and municipal facilities with technology, solutions and service. Headquartered in Avon Lake, OH ASI provides complete product and service packages for the treatment of utility and heavy industrial cooling water, boiler water, wastewater and process systems as well as water treatment products for municipal water and wastewater plants. Through improved production, reduced cost and developing new applications ASI strives to improve a facilities bottom line. For more information, visit

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