Global alliance to bring water technology to cleaning, sanitation, food and beverage industries

Oct. 11, 2011
GE and Sealed Air's Diversey business have announced an alliance to deliver water and energy management services to Diversey's cleaning and sanitation customers...

TREVOSE, PA & STURTEVANT, WI, Oct. 11, 2011 -- GE and Sealed Air's Diversey business have announced an alliance to deliver water and energy management services to Diversey's cleaning and sanitation customers around the world.

The announcement comes after a successful pilot of the alliance over the past year. Under the terms of the agreement, Sealed Air's Diversey team will sell and service GE's water treatment chemicals, water and process equipment, membrane and cartridge filtration products, analytical instruments and energy management solutions.

"The Diversey alliance will bring our leading water portfolio and services to an expanded customer base," said Heiner Markhoff, president and CEO -- water and process technologies for GE Power & Water. "As a leader in the commercial cleaning and sanitation business, particularly in food and beverage processing plants, Diversey is well positioned to connect their customers to our products and services, which will help these customers implement cost- and environmentally-efficient water and process technology solutions."

"Diversey is eager to bring GE's solutions to its customers," said Diversey President and CEO Ed Lonergan. "GE has the industry's most broad solution set, including chemicals and equipment for effective and safe water treatment, which will supplement Diversey's extensive experience in water management. Diversey will expand GE's access to an extensive global customer base looking for ways to protect their assets, drive productivity and meet regulations."

Today's announcement reinforces GE's commitment to improve water reuse, a key commitment of ecomagination, a business strategy to create new value for customers, investors and society by solving energy, efficiency and water challenges. GE's water-related portfolio includes the following products qualified under GE's Ecomagination: ABMet, advanced membrane, desalination, E-Cell electrodeionization system, electrodialysis reversal (EDR), GenGard cooling water solution and ZeeWeed membrane technology.

"The companies established a pilot program in 2010 to demonstrate the link between water treatment and cleaning and sanitation processes. The result was strong customer response following demonstrable improvements in water use and conservation as well as the overall efficiency of customer operations," Lonergan added. "Effective cleaning is inseparable from water. And as water becomes more scarce and expensive in many parts of the world, it is critical to manage water more efficiently while also providing clean and safe food and drink supplies."

Diversey is a business unit of Sealed Air Corp., a leader in food and other protective packaging solutions. The combination of Diversey and Sealed Air creates a new global leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. The alliance with GE also will expand Sealed Air's operational efficiency offerings, particularly in food and beverage processing plants.


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