Vacon supplies AC drives to Kama paper mill in Russia

Sept. 30, 2009
KRASNOKAMSK, Russia, Sept. 30, 2009 -- Vacon is supplying approximately 180 AC drives to a project carried out by Vaasa Engineering (VEO) at the Kama paper mill in Krasnokamsk, in the Perm region of Russia...

KRASNOKAMSK, Russia, Sept. 30, 2009 -- Vacon is supplying approximately 180 AC drives to a project carried out by Vaasa Engineering (VEO) at the Kama paper mill in Krasnokamsk, in the Perm region of Russia. The drives are part of an extensive modernization project in which a newsprint paper machine is being converted for production of light weight coated paper (LWC).

"Regulating the speed and torque of the rolls on a paper production line is one of the most important processes at a paper mill for ensuring the quality of the paper. And for this process, in which AC drives control the electric motors of the rollers, we can provide our outstanding knowhow," says Heikki Hiltunen, Executive Vice President at Vacon.

"The AC drives provide stepless control of the rotation speed of the electric motors on the papermaking line at the Kama paper mill. Stepless, precise control and reliable machinery considerably improve the quality of paper production and boost process efficiency. Vacon's AC drives are very effective solutions for controlling the systems of the paper and pulp industry and other heavy industry. Our product selection ranges from small independent drives to complex sectional drive applications," adds Hiltunen.

The Kama paper mill is part of the InvestLesProm Group, one of the largest paper and pulp companies in Russia. The main contractor for the modernization project for the Kama paper machine is Vaahto Pulp & Paper Machinery, and the automation and electrification system as a whole is being supplied by Honeywell Oy. Vaasa-based VEO is responsible for the delivery of sectional drives and the extensive renewal of the electrical systems for the paper machine. Vacon is supplying to VEO's project 7.5-400 kW AC drives for the sectional drives. Vacon is also supplying AC drives for VEO's motor control centers for pump and fan applications.

"The Kama paper machine project is an outstanding example of the ability of VEO to provide demanding electrification and sectional drive projects to customers. VEO is known as a reliable and skilled partner in supplying turnkey electrification projects for the paper, metal and chemical industries," says Kari Aho, business unit manager at VEO.

The business units of the InvestLesProm Group cover the full forest industry chain, and the Group owns forests, sawmills, paper and pulp mills, and other processing plants. Through this investment InvestLesProm Group will become the first producer of light weight coated paper in Russia. It is planned to start up the paper machine in the spring 2010.

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