2009 NEW CHEM SHOW announces inaugural pumping optimization course

Sept. 3, 2009
WESTPORT, CT, Sept. 3, 2009 -- According to studies by the US Department of Energy, nearly 25% of electricity demand comes from industrial motor systems, over 50% of pump life cycle costs result from energy and maintenance expense, and energy savings of 20% or more are possible with systems optimization...

• Pump Systems Matters Hydraulic Institute to co-sponsor course

WESTPORT, CT, Sept. 3, 2009 -- According to studies by the US Department of Energy, nearly 25% of electricity demand comes from industrial motor systems, over 50% of pump life cycle costs result from energy and maintenance expense, and energy savings of 20% or more are possible with systems optimization. With the goal of helping CPI professionals improve energy efficiency, The 2009 NEW CHEM SHOW will introduce a 'Pumping Systems Optimization: Opportunities to Improve Life Cycle Performance' course on Wednesday, November 18, 2009, during The NEW CHEM SHOW, November 17-19 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

Pump Systems Matter (PSM) and the Hydraulic Institute (HI), leading organizations dedicated to the advancement of pump knowledge and pumping systems optimization, have teamed up to conduct this one-day Pumping System Optimization course that provides attendees with the information needed to conduct basic assessments of their pumping systems.

'Pumping System Optimization' is a course for design engineers, facility managers, engineering operations and maintenance personnel that are involved with the design, selection, installation, maintenance, operation, and optimization of pumping systems. The course is intended to help pump professionals better understand how optimizing existing and new pumping systems can improve product quality and increase profitability.

"I recommend this course to CPI professionals because it is focused on real opportunities presented by industry experts," said Peter Greene, from NSI-Horwitz Mechanical. "The bottom line is the financial benefits were invaluable," remarked Greene.

During the instructional seminar, presenters will focus on pump and system interactions, pump system optimization opportunities, cost-of-ownership calculations and methods for improving pump performances and building better pumping systems. As the result of this course, participants will better understand:

• The benefits of improving the performance of pumping systems
• System optimization and basic pump system interaction
• How to screen pumping systems to find good systems improvement candidates
• How to identify and implement basic performance improvement opportunities
• Basic life-cycle cost analysis
• How to plan and propose an Action Plan to management

Case studies will be discussed and hands-on group exercises will be an integral part of this course. Content will also include:

• Why efficient pumping systems are important
• Systems optimization
• Basic pump system interaction
• Screening pumping systems
• Analysis tools for pumping systems
• Improving the performance of pumping systems
• Life cycle cost analysis
• Developing an Action Plan
• Resources and follow-up strategy

Course participants will also receive a copy of the PSM and HI guide, 'Optimizing Pumping Systems: A Guide For Improved Energy Efficiency, Reliability Profitability' ($195 value). Compiled by 22 industry experts, this comprehensive resource explores numerous practices for identifying and reducing pump system energy loss. Other resources included are a Pump System Basic Assessment Guide, Course Participant Guidebook with copies of PowerPoint slides and key takeaways, completion certificate with 7 PDH credits from the Hydraulic Institute and other documents.

This new education session will complement a comprehensive offering of educational programming scheduled for all three days of the 53rd edition of the industry-leading North American processing event.

For registration information on The NEW CHEM SHOW or this one-day course please visit www.chemshow.com.

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Pump Systems Matter
PSM is an educational initiative created to assist North American pump users gain a more competitive business advantage through strategic, broad-based energy management and pump system performance optimization. PSM's mission is to provide the marketplace with tools and collaborative opportunities to integrate pump system performance optimization and efficient energy management practices into normal business operations. For more information on PSM, visit www.PumpSystemsMatter.org.

The Hydraulic Institute
HI is the largest association of pump producers and suppliers to the pump industry in North America and is a global authority on pumps and pumping systems. Its mission is to serve as a forum for the exchange of industry information, while providing value-added services to member companies and pump users worldwide. This includes the development and delivery of comprehensive industry standards, as well as the expansion of knowledge that effectively advances the application, testing, installation, operation and maintenance of pumps and pumping systems. For more information about the Hydraulic Institute, its member companies and Standards Partners, visit www.Pumps.org.