Amplio forms Envirogen Technologies from assets of Basin Water

Oct. 1, 2009
KINGWOOD, TX, Oct. 1, 2009 --The Amplio Group (London, UK) has announced the formation of Envirogen Technologies Inc., a technology+services solutions provider with existing business in municipal and industrial water and environmental treatment applications...

• Technology+services solutions provider will offer 'lifecycle performance' at best cost for municipal and industrial water and air treatment applications

KINGWOOD, TX, Oct. 1, 2009 --The Amplio Group (London, United Kingdom) today announced the formation of Envirogen Technologies Inc., a technology+services solutions provider with existing business in municipal and industrial water and environmental treatment applications. Envirogen Technologies Inc. has been formed from the assets of Basin Water Inc. that were recently purchased by Amplio.

The new Envirogen Technologies Inc. will offer a broad but targeted range of technologies, supported by operating service options for a number of environmental treatment applications, including potable water treatment, groundwater remediation, process water treatment, wastewater treatment, odor control and more. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Envirogen Technologies is its business model, which focuses on "lifecycle performance" - providing guaranteed, pay-for-performance, long-term contracts at predictable costs, offering customers the lowest total cost over the lifetime of an equipment installation. The company is headquartered in Kingwood, TX (near Houston) with regional offices in Southern California, Illinois, New Jersey and Tennessee.

According to Michael M. Stark, President & CEO of Envirogen Technologies, in the past, environmental and process engineering projects have focused heavily on the "design and build" phase and not enough on the long-term operating requirements and costs. "At Envirogen Technologies, we understand that by far the most important - and expensive - part of a treatment system installation is its 10- to 20-year operating cost. If the long-term operating costs of a system are not properly considered with the invested capital, then the municipality or company acquiring the system does not achieve the financial performance or efficiency it thought it was paying for. If careful consideration isn't given to operations and maintenance up front, long-term costs will be too high. When you look at projects from a 'lifecycle performance' perspective, you have the ability to balance initial design and build costs with the operating costs and to develop predictability, which provides both reliability in performance and optimization of the investment," he said.

"At Envirogen Technologies, when we undertake a drinking water, environmental or process improvement treatment solution for a customer, we stand ready to provide the services and the expertise that will back up our system designs with guaranteed performance and guaranteed costs over the lifetime of the project. These aren't 'one-size-fits-all' solutions. They are flexible solutions that can be developed to fit the specific treatment application, the operational capabilities of our customers, and their budgeting and financing processes. We like to say that the 'build and drop' approach to environmental installations is the past, and that 'build and perform' is the future," he added.

Broad Technology Portfolio Meets Needs of the Market
A fundamental part of Envirogen Technologies' offering to the marketplace is its broad but targeted technology portfolio. This includes a strong position in high-efficiency ion exchange and the use of a variety of absorptive media that are adaptable to different types of organic and inorganic contaminants and process requirements. Envirogen Technologies also has a strong biological treatment platform with both modular and built-in place systems for highly cost-effective treatment in a range of applications, including odor control, nutrient removal, water re-use, wastewater and groundwater. Other contaminant destruction technologies include coagulation filtration, chemical purification and advanced oxidation. Envirogen Technologies' offerings are often modular in design, for ease of installation and rapid start-up. The company also provides built-in-place systems as well as mobile treatment and media regeneration services.


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