Pure Revolution aligns with convenience stores' business goals

Oct. 13, 2009
LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct. 13, 2009 -- Pure Revolution, a company specializing in commercial and residential water purification systems powered by GE technology, announces that the results from its water treatment are perfectly aligned with Royal Farms' business goals...

• Improved taste in beverages helps Mid-Atlantic area's "Quick Friendly" Restaurant gain market share

LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct. 13, 2009 -- Today Pure Revolution, a company specializing in commercial and residential water purification systems powered by GE technology, announces that the results from its water treatment are perfectly aligned with Royal Farms' business goals.

Since 1959, Royal Farms' convenience stores have been satisfying the mid-Atlantic area's hunger for real fresh food served real fast. Royal Farms convenience stores, strategically located along frequently traveled routes for fleets and vacationers, as well as within close proximity to local residents have set an aggressive annual growth rate of ten percent. To accomplish this goal it had to focus heavily on growing same store sales.

As hot and cold beverages are always in high demand for travelers and go hand in hand with Royal Farms' food sales, the quality of the water was of paramount importance. Due to very high total dissolved solid levels and high acidity in the mid-Atlantic area, Royal Farms had installed a water filtration system. Unfortunately, it wasn't very effective in treating the water to reduce the bad taste, color and odor that was having a negative impact on beverage sales and ice.

Royal Farms installed PureOFlow reverse osmosis systems as a pilot program in nine locations in Maryland and Delaware. According to the manager at the Corporate store location, "Beverages taste clean and the coffee is consistent with every cup we serve to our customers." Since installing the PureOFlow systems, these stores have seen a spike in beverage and food sales as their beverages are tasting better than other quick serve restaurants in the area, complemented by clear ice.

Another of Royal Farms' business goals is consistent improvement of organizational efficiencies and control of expenses. With expense control being a predominant factor for growth, each of these nine locations is proud to be saving $3000 a year in costly filters after changing to the PureOFlow system for the beverage, coffee and ice machines. They also expect to reduce soda syrup usage with purified water after rebrixing the soda machines.

Prior to PureOFlow installation, the aggressiveness of the water was causing frequent equipment breakdowns. A relieved Royal Farms Maintenance Engineer was quick to point out, "No repair calls on coffee or related beverage equipment sine PureOFlow put their systems in the stores."

Mike Paice, president and chairman of Pure Revolution adds, "Time and again, our competitive advantage is cost-savings through reduced filter usage and the noticeable difference in taste and smell. Bad tasting water can quickly ruin any beverage regardless of its exotic blends or high quality syrup."

The impact to customers can best be summed by an unsolicited comment from a regular customer stopping by for her morning coffee, "the best tasting coffee in the county." That is a competitive edge.

About Royal Farms
Royal Farms operates 120 convenience stores in the states of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia and takes pride in being the place their neighbors come to for breakfast, lunch, an anytime snack, fuel or a fill in grocery need. Royal Farms proudly serves 100% Colombian Supremo grade gourmet coffee and grinds it seconds before brewing. Since 1959 Royal Farms has been satisfying the Mid-Atlantic's hunger for real fresh food served real fast and proudly serves their famous chicken, hand-cut western fries and other menu favorites.Royal Farms vision is to be the "Quick Friendly" Restaurant of choice by offering quality, freshly prepared foods, convenience products, and value priced fuel.

About PureOFlow
PureOFlow is the nation's leading innovator in water purification products. Since 2007, PureOFlow has offered the most economical and environmentally friendly POE (point-of-entry) water purification systems for the residential and commercial markets. In today's economy, cost of ownership and environmental impact are arguably the most important issues to consumers and business owners alike. The PureOFlow line of products represents the best solution to address today's economic and environmental concerns related to greener, cleaner water solutions, as well as offering a valuable solution to water softener bans across the nation. PureOFlow systems satisfy all of these concerns by generating ROI and contributing positively to the environment. It is truly the perfect time for this product. Over 1,000 businesses have trusted PureOFlow technology to provide purified water efficiently and cost-effectively to their customers. PureOFlow has received a more than 90% satisfaction rating from its commercial customers who agree that they saw immediate savings and improved water quality over their prior water treatment. For more information visit www.pureoflow.com or call (702) 250-4596.


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