Show Preview: Craft Brewers Conference 2020

Feb. 18, 2020
April 19–22, 2020 | San Antonio, Texas

The Craft Brewers Conference will be held April 19–22 at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. The conference provides concentrated, affordable brewing education and idea sharing to improve brewery quality and performance. With over 13,000 attendees, 96 seminars, and 1,000 exhibitors, the Craft Brewers Conference can provide solutions and networking opportunities for brewers large and small.

BrewExpo America, the trade show portion of the conference, houses more than 700 vendors, providing exhibitors and buyers with the opportunity to develop business relationships or to purchase solutions and services. BrewExpo America trade show access is available to full conference registrants, BrewExpo-only registrants, or attendees with a 1-Day Visitor Pass from a registered exhibitor.

Educational Tracks

Attendees can choose from 14 educational tracks led by the top minds in the beer and business worlds. Some of these tracks include:

Sustainability: The seminars in this track will discuss conscientious brewing practices that breweries can implement to become effective environmental stewards. Topics include recycling, how climate change will affect breweries, and wastewater.

Brewing Operations: This track covers all of the processes included in beer production — from brewhouse tasks, fermentation, and filtration to cellaring and packaging, and cleaning and sanitation. 

Business: Running a brewery is about more than just making good beer. Things like finance and accounting, human resources, staff training, and management are all just as important to keep a business healthy. These seminars include topics such as budgeting, maximizing production, leadership strategies, and cash flow management.

Ingredients and Supplies: In this track, attendees learn about the beer industry supply chain, as well as how to handle, analyze, and maintain quality brewing supplies and ingredients.

Beer Styles: The Brewers Association recognizes over 150 distinct beer styles in its Beer Style Guidelines. Each style has a unique history, characteristics, and is brewed using specific brewing processes and techniques. The seminars in this track will highlight past, present, and future beer styles and the techniques used to brew them.

Marketing and Social Media: Designing a successful marketing strategy is imperative to growing a brand. In this section, learn about best practices and tactics for effective marketing and social media in a brewery.

Safety: The safety track is all about providing resources for a safety culture in a brewery and how facilities can protect their staff and equipment from harm. Topics include keg maintenance, chemical safety, and brewery design and construction.

Quality: Quality management for breweries is critical for continued success. The seminars in this track will provide brewery managers with the tools to set up a quality lab, analyze, and maintain quality in their beers, and implement best practices for getting their beer to consumers at its best.

Continue reading for a peek at some of the products and services that will be on display in the exhibit hall. For more information, visit

Peristaltic Metering/Dosing Pump

Flex-Pro® A3 doses precise amounts of chemical to ensure clean water for production of quality beverages. Post-­production, Flex-Pro is used to properly treat wastewater, ensuring it meets the discharge protocols to achieve the standards required for water reclamation and the safe disposal of wastewater. Flex-Pro A3 peristaltic metering/dosing pumps are fitted with Blue-White’s exclusive multi-channel pump head tubes, which meet FDA standards and provide optimum chemical resistance. Service life is up to four times longer than that of standard pump tubes. Pumps include an operator-friendly digital touchpad, advanced electronics, and a comprehensive two-year warranty. Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Blue-White Industries

Booth 36113

Automation & Process Control

Burkert Fluid Control Systems is a global system solution provider with expertise in automation and brewery process control. The company offers complete control loops for flow, conductivity, pH, temperature, pressure, or level. Where compactness, smart communication, plant footprint, washdown, and reliability are a concern, Burkert provides process efficiency and higher yields by offering unlimited process modularity.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems

Booth 11071

Measurement & Testing Instrumentation

Hach designs, manufactures, and distributes world-class instrumentation, test kits, and reagents for testing water and product quality in a variety of beverage industry applications. From craft breweries to large breweries, quality, flavor stability, and shelf life are critical to brand and business. Hach offers continuous and reliable quality control in the production process, at line or in the lab, from incoming water through to final package. Hach has the beverage measurement and testing solutions you need.


Booth 36107

pH/Temperature Meter

For craft brewers looking to produce the highest quality and consistent taste, dependable testing equipment is essential. The Myron L Company offers durable products that make testing easier and simpler, saving time and money. Engineered for accuracy, reliability, and simplicity, Myron L Company products, like the commonly used Ultrapen PT2 (pH/temperature) and Ultrapen PT5 (dissolved oxygen/temperature), are trusted by brewers around the globe. These can be used to spot check on the line, in labs, or in the boil. To learn more and check out our products, visit us at booth #34123. 

Myron L Company

Booth 3412

Pump System

Water is essential to human life — and beer! It is important to understand its value and how to use it, and Tsurumi Pump is committed to providing technologies for controlling and protecting it. Tsurumi’s equipment is deployed for uses across a variety of industries and in more than 45 countries around the world. As a pump manufacturer, Tsurumi is dedicated to improving wastewater efficiencies through challenges faced when it comes to recycling and preserving the water supply. Backed by its line of bar screens, aerators, and mixers, Tsurumi can help facilities overcome challenges with processing systems, especially in the craft brewing industry.

Tsurumi Pump

Booth 5137

Solids Removal

JWC Environmental, a Sulzer Brand, is a solutions provider in solids removal and solids reduction equipment for industrial and municipal wastewater applications. Its solutions include IPEC solids/liquid separation products and Monster Industrial shredders. IPEC drum screens and screw presses have a long history of providing cost-effective solids removal solutions for industrial wastewater treatment operations.

JWC Environmental

Booth 6135

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