MI Systems Provides Water Recovery Treatment for California Wineries

Feb. 16, 2020
MI Systems' END technology helps provide reusable water, recovering 96% of Free Flow Wines' wastewater.

Magna Imperio Systems Corp., a Texas-based provider of technology and innovative water treatment solutions, partnered with Mayacamas Warehousing LLC, owner of a water treatment facility that currently provides clean, uncontaminated water to Sonoma-based Free Flow Wines. Free Flow currently provides packaging services for 30 out of the top 50 wineries in the United States. 

In using MI System’s Electrochemical Nano Diffusion (END®) technology, Mayacamas Warehousing provides reusable water, recovering 96% of the winery’s wastewater. This results in significant discharge and supply cost savings. 

“Our efforts to help provide Mayacamas and Free Flow Wines with the ability to safely and efficiently reuse water is just the beginning for us and our relationships within the wine industry,” said CEO and founder of MI Systems, Grant Page. “We are continuing to invest and grow as far and wide as possible, aiming to not only improve water treatment quality and efficiency within the United States, but across the world as well."

Free Flow Wine’s involvement with MI Systems coincides with its mission to attain a more sustainable approach to wine packaging. Free Flow packages wine and other brand name sparkling wine products to kegs and cans for top wineries across the country. 

“We are ecstatic that the water we receive from Mayacamas Warehousing utilizes MI System’s END technology as it has already saved us an incredible amount of money, time and energy,” said Rich Bouwer, president of Free Flow Wines. “Implementing MI System’s advanced technology aligns with our core values of pursuing a greener way to run and operate our business."

Free Flow Wines isn’t the first of its kind to include MI Systems’ processes into its water supply. The company has supplied systems to the brewing industry, municipal wastewater plants, and various industrial applications. 

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