Econse helps new brewery launch with on-site, sustainable, wastewater treatment

Jan. 11, 2024
With the BrüClean System from Econse Water Technologies, Round Table Brewery is taking a proactive step to safeguard water in the Hudson Valley.

(LOCKPORT, N.Y.  Jan. 11, 2024 — Econse Release via PRNewswire) The Hudson Valley, while a beautiful region, has the unfortunate honor of having some of the most polluted water in the country. Instead of being part of the problem or waiting for further regulations, Round Table Brewery opened with clean and sustainable business practices right from the start. To meet their wastewater goals, they called on Econse for technologies that empower them to minimize expenses, reduce environmental impact and grow sustainably.

"Operating sustainably certainly isn't the simplest choice, but in our mind it was the only choice," said Ricardo Petroni of Round Table Brewery. "We're part of this community, so protecting its resources is a responsibility we take seriously. When it came to our wastewater, Econse was the perfect choice. Their system fits in the brewery, is simple to operate, and allows us to produce great beer without negatively impacting water in the region."

Round Table Brewery has big plans for future growth, and the BrüClean System can grow with them. It is a scalable solution, making it ideal for start-up and established craft brewers, regardless of whether they're on a septic or municipal water system.

"We designed BrüClean with small to medium sized breweries in mind," said Derek Davy, CEO Econse. "Our compact, affordable solution treats wastewater on-site. It neutralizes pH, captures solids, and reduces nutrients like phosphorous more than 90% so that they don't impact the environment."

Breweries often struggle to meet wastewater bylaws because the brewing process varies so much depending on beer type, phase of brewing and other factors.

"With the BrüClean System, we are able to meet strict local regulations and be a good neighbor, helping protect the Hudson Valley for future generations," Petroni said.

About Econse Water Technologies

Econse Water Technologies leads the charge in redefining water treatment solutions to combat pollution and confront climate change head-on. Their innovative technologies have empowered businesses and communities across Canada and the US, enabling environmental compliance while fostering economic growth with compact, on-site solutions. Recently, Econse introduced OZOCAV, a new biosecurity tool in the fight against emerging pandemics.