Patent approved for CTI’s multistage cavitation system

Jan. 27, 2021

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. recently announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) approved the company’s patent for a high-volume fluid processing multistage cavitation system.

Cavitation Technologies Inc. (CTI) already holds several patents related to treatment of water in beverages and contaminated industrial water. This newly approved patent relates to a multi-stage cavitation device featured with an electrocoagulation system. The amalgamation of multi-stage cavitation and electrocoagulation devices, coupled with air floatation units enables contaminants in liquid to attach to air bubbles and float to the liquid's surface where they can be easily removed as sludge. The treated fluid is then passed through a final filtration system. This patented processing system is related to some of CTI's previous patents including, 'flow-through cavitation-assisted rapid modification of beverage fluids' and 'system and methods for the purification of drinking water, ethanol, and other alcoholic liquids/beverages containing impurities.'

Roman Gordon, global technology manager, said, "Industrial water treatment requires large volume processing. With this new issued patent, our engineers have developed a high-volume reactor system that processes up to 35,000 barrels per day of water. Our initial commercial water treatment results in the oil and gas industry have been successful and we feel that refineries and plants processing contaminated water and liquids may experience additional benefits through the implementation of our newly patented system. We are starting to see the reopening of the oil and gas industry in the US and anticipate a resumption of commercial production in the near future"

This is a new addition to the Company's 40 patents and applications portfolio that consists of 21 US issued and 6 US pending patents as well as 7 foreign issued and 6 foreign pending patents.

About Cavitation Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 2007, the company designs and manufactures flow-through devices and systems, as well as develops processing technologies for use in edible oil refining, renewable fuel production, water treatment, and alcoholic beverage enhancement. The company's patented Nano Reactor® systems and various technologies have over 40 patents issued and filed both domestically and abroad.

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