LIMERICK, Ireland — An infographic released by P.J. Dore & Co. Ltd. titled “The Problem with Water” highlights the use, concerns and availability of fresh water throughout the world.

According to the infographic, the urban population grows by two people every second, and currently, around 783 million people do not have access to safe fresh water.

The infographic continues that fresh water use by sector equates to 70 percent for irrigation, 22 percent for industry and eight percent for domestic use.

Also featured in the infographic are statistics related to wastewater treatment, water conservation resources, health risks, climate factors, water footprint and more.

By 2025, forecasts the infographic, four billion “people may be facing water scarcity or flooding, which is half of the global population,” and by 2050, around “993 million city inhabitants may be living with less than 100 liters of fresh water to satisfy their basic needs.”

The infographic is provided below and can also be accessed here.

P.J. Dore/Fresh water infographic