DUNDALK, Ireland — An infographic titled, “Every Drop Counts,” released by Nature’s Water Ltd. illustrates the importance of fresh water.

According to the infographic, 97 percent of the world’s water is salt water, two percent is frozen in glaciers and only one percent equates to available fresh water, which the world’s population, around seven billion people, all share.

"On average the world’s population is growing by 80 million people a year, [and] this increases demand for fresh water by about [16.9 billion gallons] a year,” reported the infographic. “Competition for this water exists all over the world, and it is vital we make a few easy, everyday changes to help reduce water wastage in our homes and workplaces.”

A person uses around 1.6 gallons (six liters) of water when brushing his/her teeth while the tap is running and about 34.9 gallons (132 liters) of water when using the hose/sprinkler for 15 minutes.

The infographic continues by offering more water-related facts and information as well as helpful, easy tips to better conserve water around the home.

You can find the infographic here.