Sunspring1Innovative Water Technologies Inc. of Rocky Ford, Colo. USA is proud to announce the SunSpring Hybrid. The SunSpring Hybrid is the Worlds first and only Hybrid decentralized microbiological water purification system. The SunSpring is WQA Gold Seal Certified to the EPA Standard for Microbiological Water Purifiers and the SunSpring is also the only non GE product to be Healthymagination validated. The SunSpring Hybrid is a portable, self contained, solar and wind powered, decentralized, microbiological water purifier capable of treating up to and exceeding 5,000 gallons per day for up to and exceeding 10 years.  The SunSpring Hybrid is perfect for entire villages, schools, orphanages, churches, hospitals, clinics, etc. The SunSpring Hybrid comes all in one crate, can be set up and operational in less than four hours and can supply microbiologically safe drinking water day and night.

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