PITTSBURGH, Pa. — At the 34th International Activated Carbon Conference (IACC-34) September 25-26, 2014, and during the carbon courses September 21-28 in Pittsburgh, Pa., two Activated Carbon Hall of Fame awardees will be honored at lunch, according to a press release. They will provide an hour plenary lecture after lunch.

Michael Jones, vice president of Diversified Industrial Minerals LLC, accepted the Hall of Fame award. Mike will present a plenary lecture after lunch titled "New Breakthrough Technology for Manufacturing Powder Activated Carbon."

This new process offers low cost manufacturing and is patented with a plant already under construction. This technology is flexible and offers many options for future activated carbon industry, stated the release.

Steven Ragan, global R&D director of Jacobi Carbons LLC, accepted the second award. Steve will provide a plenary lecture after lunch on the second day of the carbon conference titled "Development of POU Products." Modified carbons have been developed for POU applications.