BIRMINGHAM — With our iPad contest giveaway ending Dec. 3, the Water Technology staff randomly selected Kim Belcher as the winner.

Belcher has responded to the winning email and is pleased to accept the prize.

The contest was to celebrate the launch of our new website,

After several months of research, planning and development, we are now pleased to offer you the new, diverse This modern website was developed with our visitors’ current and future information needs in mind.

Our newly redesigned website offers a more interactive experience and focuses on a community-based forum to exchange ideas among water treatment professionals. We will be offering up even more news, information and stories happening from across the globe.

We would like to thank everyone who registered for the new website and entered the contest. We ask that you continue checking for all of your water news.

Please let us know what you think about our new site. You can reach us on Twitter, Facebook or by emailing Jake Mastroianni at