KOOCHICHING COUNTY, Minn. — Each year in Koochiching County homeowners face the chance of freezing septic or mound systems, according to an International Falls Journal news release.

The Koochiching County Environmental Services Department (ESD) staff provided information to help homeowners avoid frozen systems, stated the news release.

The release reported that the available ESD information includes what can cause systems to freeze, how to prevent existing systems from freezing and what to do if your system freezes.

If a septic or mound system does freeze, the ESD encourages homeowners to not run water into the system to “thaw it out” as this will make the problem worse, added the release.

Instead of running water in the system, Koochiching County ESD suggests covering the system with straw as soon as possible; homeowners should also contact a reliable contractor with the appropriate equipment and a licensed hauler to pump the tank, noted the release.

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