DENMARK — Nov. 11, 2015 — Landia UK and Ham Baker Group will work together in the U.K.’s municipal sector, according to a press release.

Ham Baker Group will sell Landia’s mixers and pumps, noted the release. Ham Baker Group has grown to a £30 million flow control equipment company.

“Very much in keeping with our belief in engineered, long-lasting solutions, Landia’s equipment is second to none for its reliability and longevity,” said Ham Baker Group Business Development Director Ian Goddard in the release.

Nearly every U.K. municipality operates pumps, mixers and aerators from Landia, stated the release. Yorkshire Water has 180 of its flowmakers.

Ham Baker Group offers Pump as Turbine hydro equipment, control systems, leakage control and flood defense products, screens, valves and penstocks in addition to pumps, reported the release.

“Ham Baker’s resurgence in recent years hasn’t gone unnoticed,” shared Hugh Vaughan, director of Landia UK & Eire, in the release. “Together we are a good fit for the UK municipal market, where we can combine to provide contractors and water companies with double the expertise for pumping and mixing applications.”