Direct marketing with email blasts

Using Water Technology circulation lists, you can e-mail product and service promotions to a wide variety of water treatment professionals in various market segments. Whatever your marketing goals, we’ll help tailor your e-mail campaign for maximum success.

Our circulation lists are compiled solely through personal requests. We reach business owners, managers and administrators who want to be reached, in the following industry segments and locations:

Point-of-Use Water Treatment Dealers/Retailers/Contractors

Water Treatment Contractor

Point-of-Use Water Treatment Distributor

Bottled Water Dealer

Water and Wastewater Equipment Distributor

Water Only Systems and/or Plants

Water and Wastewater Systems and/or Plants

Wastewater Only Systems and/or Plants

Water and Wastewater Construction and Building

Water Wholesaler

Well Drilling/Water Systems/Pump Contractor

Plumbing/Heating/Air Conditioning Wholesalers


Government/Educational Institution



Manufacturers Representative

Advertising Agency

Others Involved in the Trade

Not Involved in the Water and Wastewater Business

Select from the above demographics to create your tailored campaign.

  • Use the Watertech e-News Daily™ newsletter list to reach more than 20,000 water treatment professionals.

  • If you have your own list, we will merge it with our list(s) and purge any duplicate e-mail addresses.

In order to protect our subscribers’ privacy, we do not release any actual e-mail addresses. Instead, we issue e-Blasts for you at whatever time you specify.

The cost of an e-Blast is $200 per thousand e-mail addresses, with a $500 minimum charge. Prior to any e-mailing, full payment is required and the Terms and Conditions agreement must be read, signed and returned via FAX.

You can provide complete e-mail content in HTML format, or we will use your materials to prepare the content for you. Before any mailing is scheduled, both you and the Water Technology Magazine B2B Trade Group must review and approve the message and layout.

When your blast is completed, we can provide statistics such as number of times viewed, number of unique viewers, and number of clicks through to your website.

For more information regarding direct marketing with e-mail blasts, contact:

Lisa Williman at 518-640-9170