A recently announced major shift in Google will impact and alter the ecosystem of paid and organic search.

Everyone is familiar with the right side column in Google that consists of paid ad placements widely known as “four through ten.” After last weekend’s announcement, Google is eliminating these ad placements.

With the available ad positions decreasing, a shift in online advertising as a whole will take place. Paid search will become more competitive. Quality scores will decrease because of lower click-thru rates if you are not in the top four ads. Cost-per-click (CPC) pricing will increase from the growing demand for a smaller supply.

Every company’s AdWords tactics will need to become more aggressive in order to adapt to Google’s implementations.

Organic search will be impacted as well. As ad placements shift, first-page organic search positions will become even higher demand real estate, which translates to an increased CPC.

Businesses need to revisit and rethink their marketing approaches. This may be the time to dust off your direct mail campaigns and target your advertising dollars to reach the best possible prospects for your dealership.

Remember, with direct mail, you can control your costs. Right now, buying your way into positions one through four on Google may cost you an arm and a leg.


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