LONDON — Mapal Green Energy, developer of the floating fine bubble aeration system (FFBA) for wastewater treatment, announced it has partnered with Siemens U.K. and Ireland, according to a press release.

“This is another important milestone marking our growth in the U.K. market,” said Mapal Green Energy CEO Zeev Fisher. “We have successfully sold the FFBA concept to water utilities directly and now we are seeing a high level of interest and adoption from amongst our tier 1 contractors, which we’re delighted to announce now includes Siemens U.K. and Ireland.”

Siemens, a global engineering and technology services company, will work together with Mapal Green Energy to deliver Mapal’s technology, and Mapal will support Siemens in the extensive delivery of sustainable systems as well as provide industry technology expertise to support wastewater treatment operators and product lifecycle cost analyses, stated the release.

“Mapal Green Energy represents an innovative technology company and its products and industry knowledge greatly complements our wider strategy to support the wastewater treatment industry through sustainable, cost-effective and cutting-edge technology,” said Stephen Barker, head of Energy Efficiency & Environmental Care at Siemens U.K. and Ireland. “Demand for smart and energy-efficient solutions in the wastewater sector will only rise. …Mapal’s energy-saving proposition is well timed to meet this demand, both in the utility and wider industrial sectors, and we look forward to building on this unique partnership.”