BOSTON — The water technology industry is growing for the state of Massachusetts, according to a news release featured on

A report from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center revealed that the state is already home to 93 water technology companies and 5,200 employees, and those numbers are growing steadily, stated the release.

The water sector for Massachusetts currently has a multibillion-dollar impact on the state’s economy, continued the release.

According to the report, water technology companies in the state plan to increase staffing by 7.9 percent over the next year, informed the release, which is more than triple the growth rate of all state employers.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center has received $800,000 from the state to help grow the water industry, noted the release, and Alicia Barton, head of the center, said the money will be spent on projects benefiting the entire sector, such as “funding studies and creating a network of test sites for water technology companies to try their technology in near real-world conditions.”

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