When selecting your criteria for a mail, phone or email list, think about which prospects might be of the most value to you. Blindly choosing just based on geography and age will only get you so far. In the industry, we call this drilling down.

In the Water Industry, you can drill down to homeowners only, include or exclude condos. Some dealers want to reach all homeowners, and others drill down to homeowners with children only. Many dealers drill down further and select homeowners by the current market value of their home.

Many water quality dealers select specific trigger groups, such as new homeowners or parents of new babies and even then drill down further, selecting new homeowners by the price they paid for the home, or refining a new parent list with income.

There are way too many instances where people just mail to mail or call to call because that’s what’s in their marketing plan…and, while we appreciate the business, we’d prefer to see marketers drill down to get the best prospects for their goals.

Marketers need to understand the potential lifetime ROI of a new client and they need to work with their resource to choose their prospects carefully and drill, drill, drill to reach the prospects who can deliver the greatest ROI.