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HANNOVER, Germany and PRINCETON, N.J. — The first Metropolitan Solutions Conference organized by Deutsche Messe was held in three separate cities on November 6 and 7 and attracted more than 1,000 participants.

The conference focused on secure, reliable, environmentally and economical sound solutions for the intelligent megacities of the future.

In the span of 24 hours, the conference traveled around the globe, going from Hannover, Germany to Silicon Valley to Shanghai. Participants from all over the world followed the discussion at all three locations on the Internet.

The conference covered an enormous breadth of topics, beginning with how to guarantee a stable supply of energy during the transition to renewable energy sources.

The accelerated use of regenerative energy forms need to be accompanied by a corresponding expansion of the energy grid. The conference also focused on critical infrastructures and the so-called “smart city.”

The safeguarding of mission-critical urban infrastructures like police services and hospitals depends on the existence and enforcement of high IT security standards. The increased use of IT, communications networks and mobile systems in the urban infrastructure landscape requires additional layers of protection.

The conference also focused on issues like reliable water supply and water treatment for smart cities. Asia’s rapid metropolitan population growth and increasing urban sprawl requires the erection and maintenance of stable supply and distribution networks. 

“The Metropolitan Solutions Conference represents the right format for discussing the enormous technological and strategic challenges confronting the world’s metropolises as they struggle to transform their legacy infrastructures,” commented Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Deutsche Messe Managing Board.

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