BANGOR TOWNSHIP, Mich. — The region’s $59.6 million Bay Area Water Treatment Plant is slated to open Aug. 17, a few weeks past the expected start date, according to

“There’s a lot of equipment installed, and we want it installed right,” said Tom Paige, Bay County Department of Water and Sewer director, in the article. “We want it installed properly so that when it goes online, it goes online for good.”

Two harsh winters contributed to the slowdown in construction, noted the article. But much progress has been made since this past winter, including the facility’s state-of-the-art filtration system.

Officials maintain the plant will produce higher quality water for customers, stated the article. Workers can better control the quality of the water.

The new plant will serve 14 Bay County municipalities, reported the article. It is being paid for by county-issued bonds, which will be paid back over the next 30 years. Customers will see an increase of about $1.75 on their monthly bills.

Landscaping work will continue through November, shared the article. Customers may also notice cloudy water during the first month of operation as workers flush out the water from the old system.

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