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pre-Spring Edition
Water conservation lessons from California's drought
Today's innovations are reducing water consumption and helping consumers become more water conscious.
Water Technology interviews Smart H2O Summit's John Pearson
In a special podcast exclusive, Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie interviews John Pearson, director and conference co-chair of Smart H2O Summit Inc., on the launch of the Smart H2O Summit, taking place Aug. 17-19 in San Francisco, California.
Protecting our valuable water supplies
Municipal systems can be susceptible to accidental or intentional contamination.
Educating customers on leak detection and pipe failure
Unexpected water system delivery problems can result in more than just monetary losses.

Nanotechnology treatment

Aqua Bio Technologies

Ultrafiltration membrane bioreactor

Koch Membrane Systems Inc.

Dechlorination analyzer

Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD)
Smart H2O Summit Issues Call For Papers
SAN FRANCISCO — Smart H2O Summit will take place Aug. 17-19 in San Francisco.
Smart H2O Summit Announces Partnership with The Water Innovation Project
SAN FRANCISCO — The Water Innovation Project is an idea lab and leadership hub that is currently developing a road map for the connected utility.