LITTLE FALLS, N.Y. — The new wastewater treatment program that is helping the environment and saving taxpayer dollars was dedicated in Little Falls, N.Y. recently, according to WKTV News.

The municipality in Little Falls is one of the first in the area to use a Biosolids Beneficial Reuse Program, noted the article.

The initiative was sparked by new air emission quality standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The city’s current incinerator is 40 years old and would not be able to meet the new standards.

Mayor Robert Peters was looking for a cost-effective way to meet EPA standards, as replacement costs would range from $2 to $6 million, stated the article.

The city was able to find a company that would truck the waste to Pennsylvania, saving the city millions of dollars.

"I think saving the taxpayers that kind of money is big for us," said Peters. "I'm really proud of Little Falls. We're really keeping up with the green. There are a lot of other projects that we have in mind to do along with this."

The facility did receive a new conveyor belt, which handles all the waste and sends it through machinery and drops it into a tractor trailer.

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