BROOMFIELD, Colo. — MHW Global announced that it has partnered with CSC to provide integrated cybersecurity services to the world’s utility infrastructure, according to a press release.

The new partnership will work with utilities and municipalities to protect their water and wastewater collection, distribution and treatment systems, dams, ports and hydroelectric power infrastructure around the world, stated the release.

The collaboration combines MWH’s experience with global water utility systems and CSC’s industry-leading cybersecurity intrusion detection, prevention and mitigation capabilities, to help secure the world’s most critical resources, noted the release.

The offerings will feature highly specialized cybersecurity services that specifically support industrial and utility control systems, continued the release.

“By forming this program with CSC, we are leveraging the best of both companies to create a unique and critical new set of 21st-century offerings that are needed by our clients around the world in order to secure their critical infrastructure,” said MWH Vice President Phil Smith.