WASHINGTON — The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) released a statement from NAWC Executive Director Michael Dean in support of Water Week 2015, according to an NAWC release.

In the statement, Dean explains Water Week presents a unique opportunity for representatives of the water industry to connect with national, state and local decision makers.

This ability to connect, informs Dean in the statement, permits all parties to mutually address important topics ranging from regulations and legislation to new technologies and water conservation.

“The kind of collaboration made possible through Water Week is essential to solving America’s complex and multifaceted water challenges — from drought to aging, and sometimes failing, water infrastructure,” says Dean in the statement. “Long-term solutions can advance from these important conversations between policy makers and the water sector, and it will take all stakeholders working together to close the water infrastructure gap.”

Dean declares in the statement that the presence of those attending Water Week 2015 helps to bring much needed attention to the critical work being done, and also to the work that still needs to be done, to ensure safe, reliable and clean water for U.S. communities “for generations to come.”

Read the entire statement here.