NEW YORK — Pedras Water took home the Gold Medal in International Taste and Quality at Beverage World’s 6th Annual BevStar Awards, according to a press release.

The awards “recognize innovation and quality in a number of different beverage categories and are judged on the product’s taste, uniqueness, packaging and ingredients,” noted the release. Pedras exhibited the winning product at the 2015 Summer Fancy Food Show.

Pedras’ water is from the Pedras Valley in Portugal, where it receives properties that make it naturally sparkling, stated the release. Only 0.5 percent of water in the world is 100 percent naturally sparkling with no added CO2.

“The Summer Fancy Food Show was the perfect opportunity to introduce Pedras to an important client base of buyers and educated consumers,” said Ron Salerno, country manager of USA & Canada for Pedras, in the release. “Our reputation as one of the most unique and premium waters in the world gives us the competitive edge entering the market.”

Pedras bottles its water in 250 and 750 ml glass bottles for sale in the U.S. and internationally, reported the release.

You can find the entire release here.