LINCOLN, Nebraska — A Nebraska bill that would protect the state's long-term water supply advanced Wednesday, winning first-round approval, according to an article by The Republic.

However, lawmakers delayed making a decision on whether a basin-wide water management plan around the Republican River should be required, noted the article.

If the bill is approved it will help the state move ahead with a series of water conservation projects and expand the Natural Resources Commission from 16 members to 27, the article reported.

According to the article, the bill would also require the commission to set goals and a ranking system for water conservation projects, financed through a new state water sustainability fund.

"Other states aren't managing their water in the best way, but we must manage ours in the right way," said Sen. Tom Carlson of Holdrege, the bill's sponsor. "We must become water sustainable to protect our people and our future as a state."

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