CLEVELAND — The new book, “Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength,” by Dr. Stacy Feiner is now available on, according to a press release.

In the cover story, “Hire to win,” featured in Water Technology’s February issue, Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo interviewed Dr. Feiner, hiring expert and executive coach for the middle market, on the topics of interviewing, hiring and retaining. You can find that article here.

Dr. Feiner’s newly released book outlines “a differentiated talent management approach that helps business leaders optimize talent across the organization, enhance leadership, reduce costs and drive organizational success,” stated the release.

A recent Oxford Economic survey reported that businesses around the world are facing a “looming talent crisis,” continued the release, and two-thirds of global businesses have not been able to develop a workforce with the ability to meet future business objectives.

In Dr. Feiner’s new book, she explains how having a “strategic talent management” system helps business leaders overcome the talent challenges and enhance value through increased productivity, high-performing talent and business expansion, noted the release.

“The ability to optimize talent is directly tied to the owner’s mindset, which is reflected in the talent system,” said Dr. Feiner. “Leaders must start seeing themselves as the source of growth. My book ‘Talent Mindset’ shows business leaders how to transform talent data into business intelligence.”

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