LAKEWOOD, Calif. — California Governor Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill 620 into law, allowing the Water Replenishment District of Southern California (WRD) greater flexibility and oversight, according to a press release.

The WRD manages the groundwater supply for one in 10 California residents, the release continued, and by removing financial restrictions it will allow the organization to handle its reserve fund policy more directly.

According to the release, the WRD's current Advisory Budget and Audit Committee will be replaced with a budget advisory committee consisting of seven representatives elected by the district's groundwater producers to review its annual operating budget and reserves.

"Groundwater is a safe, sustainable and economical source of fresh water for millions of people in the 43 cities we serve," said WRD Board President Rob Katherman. "SB 620 will protect the stability of the region's groundwater supply by allowing us to gradually shift away from purchasing imported water for groundwater replenishment, and ultimately, help us achieve 100 percent independence from that imported water in the next five years."

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