TUSTIN, Calif. — Pacific Water Quality Association (PWQA) has announced that AB 119, a law that will allow the California Department of Public Health to accept certifications accredited by the American National Standards Institute and streamline the certification process for water treatment devices in the state of California, has been signed into law, according to a press release.

The certifications granted by independent third-party testing organizations such as NSF and WQA were previously required to be reviewed by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), according to the release.

This new legislation will allow the CDPH to use its limited resources for oversight and enforcement, continued the release, and allow more POU and POE products to be used in California and ensure faster certification.

Organizations selling devices in California will still be required to pay a fee for the maintenance of an online directory of devices, stated the release.

More information will be available at the PWQA convention and trade show in Burbank on Oct. 8-11: www.pwqa.org/2013convention.