ERLANGER, Ky. — Hanovia and the industrial division of its U.S. sister company Aquionics launched a new UV application center in Shanghai, China, according to a press release.

The center serves as an R&D center of excellence for research into the science of UV for innovative and emerging applications worldwide and will directly support existing and future requirements in Aquionics’ markets for food and beverage, pharmaceutical and high purity water, stated the release.

The center is already improving the understanding of UV efficiency in the control and destruction of inorganic compounds, working in collaboration with leading universities from around the world such as Imperial College in the United Kingdom and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, as well as some of the prominent global brands in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, reported the release.

“The center is completely customer-driven and is set up with a very clear mission: To develop UV application science that our customers actually need and to answer those searching questions that only empirical test work can answer,” said Hanovia Technical Director Dr. Mark Aston.

You can find the release here.