SOUTHAMPTON, Pa. — NewAge Industries announced the promotion of Michael R. Allard to director of sales, according to a press release.

A four-year employee, Allard previously held the role of global sales manager for the company’s AdvantaPure® high purity products division, stated the release.

In his new position, Allard will oversee sales for NewAge Industries’ industrial tubing and hose and for AdvantaPure’s biopharmaceutical tubing and single-use technologies, and he will remain a visible key team member, meeting with customers and distributors and using his application engineering skills, reported the release.

Allard will also work with other company department leaders on corporate planning and implementation and will be responsible for all sales team staffing, continued the release.

“Mike is a key asset to the company,” said NewAge Industries CEO Ken Baker. “He has complete understanding of how we want to progress, both with product development and sales growth, and has the knowledge and strategic ideas to help us get there.”