WESTERVILLE, Ohio — The National Ground Water Association (NGWA), part of a team selected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will provide technical assistance and training to private household water well owners around the U.S., according to a press release.

In addition to creating new water well owner technical assistance and training programs, NGWA will build upon programs initiated under a one-year grant completed last August, stated the release.

Work is expected to commence in spring, and NGWA will receive around $209,000 of the total $1.7 million grant, continued the release.

Under the grant, the NGWA programs will include: Webinars, marketing, a new private well owner app, online sessions, a financing guide, a year-round campaign, a private well owner tip sheet and a well owner’s manual, reported the release.

Leading the EPA-selected team is Rural Community Assistance Partnership, and other grant partners include the Water Systems Council, the National Environmental Health Association and the Illinois State Water Survey and Illinois Water Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, noted the release.

“NGWA has long been committed to helping private well owners protect their health by being good stewards of the groundwater and their well systems,” said NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens.

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