WESTERVILLE, Ohio — There are certain things household water well owners should know during this flood season about how to protect their wells and their water quality, according to a press release from the National Ground Water Association.

Flooding by surface water can threaten groundwater quality and the condition of a well system, noted the release.

The vulnerability of a well can vary depending on the area in which one's property is located or even the specific spot on a parcel of property where the well is installed, said Cliff Treyens, National Ground Water Association public awareness director, the release reported.

According to the release, household well owners should take a series of steps before a flood threatens, when flooding is imminent and after well flooding to prevent, minimize or recover from well flooding.

Learn more by visiting NGWA's www.WellOwner.org, where household water well owners can also take a free online lesson and/or view a recorded webinar on well flooding.