BARCELONA, Spain and BRUSSELS — NSF International has expanded its collaboration with Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodés (LDOR), which has been Spain’s premier water testing laboratory for more than 110 years, according to a press release. 

Through this collaboration, LDOR will work with NSF to test and certify Spanish water treatment, distribution and plumbing products to facilitate their export to North America and other key markets.

Through LDOR and NSF International’s joint efforts, Spanish manufacturers now have access to global compliance expertise for water treatment, distribution and plumbing products, as well as continued access to testing and certification services for bottled water, stated the release.

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As an NSF partner laboratory, LDOR will promote and support NSF services in both Spain and Portugal, noted the release.

Certification through NSF International to multiple country-specific regulations streamlines the process of exporting products to multiple markets.

The NSF certification process helps manufacturers compete globally by verifying that their products meet the precise requirements of each country.

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