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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Group Lead for NSF International’s Drinking Water Division Nikki Beetsch will present at the 2012 Water and Health Conference: Science, Policy and Innovation this Friday, November 2, on the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations for household water treatment and storage technologies, according to a press release.

WHO recently released its recommendations for evaluating and assessing household water treatment and storage (HWTS) technologies, noted the release.

With this new risk-based framework, HWTS technologies must reduce waterborne pathogens sufficiently to protect health in order to earn product certification.

The 2:40 p.m. ET workshop “Lessons Learned in Developing Household Water Treatment and Storage (HWTS) Technology to Meet World Health Organization (WHO) Drinking Water Recommendations” will review the challenges technology developers face in developing HWTS that adheres to WHO recommendations, and include a discussion on the assessment of HWTS technology from NSF International, stated the release.

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