During my career as an editor in B2B publishing, I have had a wonderful opportunity to learn different industries, meet many passionate and knowledgeable folks and travel around the U.S. for industry events, reader visits and sales calls. Over the years, many manufacturers have offered me a “behind the scenes” look at their manufacturing and operations facilities. The “tour,” as we call it, is also available to many customers of these manufacturers and when given the opportunity, I suggest you and your key employees invest the time, money and effort to attend when invited.

The level of technology that these companies infuse into their products is only a small glimpse compared to what’s under the roof at their headquarters, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Leading manufacturers make commitments to up-to-date technological advancements in manufacturing, quality control measures and customer service.

In this month’s cover story, we discuss the issue of dealer support. Many dealers take advantage of manufacturer training, which is often performed at the manufacturer’s headquarter.

We have also started to document some of our reader and sales visits online. Please continue to visit WaterTechOnline.com regularly to see these photos and more.