Attending trade shows is an important investment in time and resources. While these trade shows are a great place to meet and exchange ideas in person, associations and trade journals, such as Water Technology, offer online-based webcasts throughout the year that require minimal or no investment beyond just your time and participation.

During Water Technology’s recent webcast, experts shared tips on how water treatment dealers can “Perfect the In-home Sale.” In addition to our Editorial Director Rich DiPaolo, our panel of experts included Dale Filhaber, Kelly Thompson and Thomas Mirabella.  

Filhaber, who also writes’s regular blog, Pure Water Profits, noted: “To prepare for this program, I spoke with many dealers in the water and home improvement industries. I found out that regardless of the industry, if two dealerships got the same exact leads, the more experienced offices set more appointments and closed more sales than the smaller, less experienced offices.”

Check out the latest webcast from Water Technology titled “Perfecting the In-Home Sale” here.