SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Online research platform Seeking Alpha identified Alkaline Water Company as part of an important, technology-driven subsector of the beverage industry in an article titled, “What’s Spouting: The Consumer Bottled Water Sector,” according to a press release.

The article identified several key factors in the beverage sector, which include: Technology continues to drive the market, beverage companies with a water bottle strategy are on track to increase share value and the demand in the bottled water sector both globally and domestically is increasing, as demonstrated by increased CAGR, stated the press release.

The ongoing growth of the bottled water sector was also emphasized in the article with the author noting that the largest portion of the market is unflavored water, “which is anticipated to reach $166 billion by 2018 with CAGR at 10.5 percent,” reported the release.

According to the article, ionized and vitamin-enhanced waters are the main focus throughout the subsector, and to understand this development, investors should turn towards the smaller bottled water companies, such as the Alkaline Water Company, continued the release.

"We are delighted to receive a mention alongside some of the biggest players in the beverage industry,” said Alkaline Water Company’s President and CEO Steven Nickolas. “Our product, packaging and approach [are] the result of significant study and years of experience in the beverage sector.”

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