LÖDDEKÖPINGE, Sweden — Through a new contract, Primozone will be involved in the expansion of the Langevatn drinking water treatment plant in Norway, according to a press release.

Primozone will supply the ozone installation for the project, noted the release. The contract is worth about 3 million euros.

“This is a genuine breakthrough for us,” said Anders Schening, Primozone CEO. “Winning the public tender for a large-scale prestigious project like this is a true recognition. It proves that our technology has a place on the market and that we, although we are a small company, can challenge the established [players] thanks to our innovative technology and new way of implementing ozone solutions.”

Large companies were in the bidding process with Primozone, stated the release. Evaluation criteria focused on cost, especially cost of ownership for the installation. “The designed ozone volume is 960 kg/day.”

The treatment facility will expand to meet the needs of an increased population and to remove color, taste and odor from the water, reported the release.

You can find the entire release here.