WASHINGTON — Typically the Metro in Washington D.C. restricts the use of food and drink on its trains, but during this week’s unusual heat wave that ban has been lifted, according to DCist Daily news.

The transit agency will be allowing riders to drink only water through Friday night when the heat wave is expected to reach its hottest point.

"The exception to Metro's 'no eating or drinking' policy applies to water only — in stations and aboard trains, buses and MetroAccess vehicles," a Metro news release states.

The heat index for Washington this week is expected to reach over 104, noted the article.

"We relax the ban for water only during periods of extreme heat, at the direction of the general manager," said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. "Keeping the restriction in place at other times, including most of the summer when temperatures are not extreme, helps keep Metro one of the cleanest large transit systems in the world."

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