ALEXANDRA, Va. — Pentair received WateReuse Research Foundation’s Leadership Award, according to a press release.

WateReuse Research Foundation presented Pentair with the award during a ceremony at the 19th Annual Water Reuse & Desalination Research Conference on May 4 in Huntington Beach, California, stated the release.

The Leadership Award was accepted by Dr. Phil Rolchigo, who is vice president for technology at Pentair as well as vice chair of the WateReuse Research Advisory Committee, “which provides scientific guidance and sets the agenda for the WateReuse research program,” continued the release.

Pentair and WateReuse have collaborated on studies examining graywater regulatory issues, monitoring and reliability for potable reuse applications, membrane integrity testing, nano-material research as well as other issues, reported the release.

“Our partnership with Pentair is producing information and real solutions that will help communities across the country and around the world develop resilient water supplies today and for years to come,” said WateReuse Executive Director Melissa Meeker.

WateReuse and Pentair renewed their partnership this past December to develop research projects focused on environmental and human risks associated with proposed and existing innovative agricultural reuse concepts, noted the release.