PEORIA, Ariz., — Sept. 6, 2015 — To meet new demand because of a residential surge and more new housing developments, Peoria, Arizona, wants to expand its Pyramid Peak Water Treatment Plant in North Phoenix, according to a recent article on The plant’s treated water is shared by Glendale (owner of 77 percent) and Peoria (owner of 23 percent).

The Peoria city council will vote during the week of Sept. 7 and is expected to approve a $50 million expansion agreement with the city of Glendale. Glendale must also agree to the expansion. Since the late 1990s, the two cities have shared Central Arizona Project water, continued the article.

The expansion would increase capacity to 24 million gallons per day, stated the article.

Other upgrades may be required to city infrastructure and metering to handle the increased flow, and Peoria alone would be responsible for that, the article stated.

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